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See if your Real Estate Projects or other Development Projects could qualify as a Opportunity Zone today and receive the funding you need.

Our Project Funding Services:

Project Funding Strategy

A fully developed Qualified Opportunity Fund with a customized solution and strategy tailored to your specific needs. Turnkey project funding services.

Financials & Legal Charters

Our team of Legal and Financial Officers ensure all prepared Financials and Legal Docs are up to code and Investor ready for your project development.

Raise your funding with Confidence

With our help and guidance, you can rest assure that your fund offering follows all IRS ordinances and QOZ guidelines to get your project qualified.

In order for Real Estate Properties to qualify as Opportunity Zone Properties, they need to have been purchased before December 31, 2017 and meet at least one of two requirements:

Substantial Improvements

  • Capital Improvements in 31 Month Period exceed the purchase price of the property (land excluded)

Original Usage

  • Prove the property is under it’s first use during it’s existence.
  • Property vacant for more than one year and put to OZ commercial use.
  • Unimproved or vacant land becomes a property type (industrial, retail, etc.).

We Make Funding Projects Look Eazy.

97% Approved and Funded Project Rate

Unlimited Potential For Real Estate Developers Nationwide

The main goal of Qualified Opportunity Fund Investments will be used in distressed areas throughout the United States and its possessions.

The Opportunity Zone Tax Incentive, set forth in Internal Revenue Code Sections 1400Z-1 and 1400Z-2, allows taxpayers to defer gain from the sale of property, in some cases permanently where certain requirements are met. Even if a taxpayer does not have gain on which it seeks to defer tax, the Opportunity Zone Tax Incentive provides a permanent deferral opportunity for any appreciation in a relevant investment, provided that investment is held for at least ten years. To qualify for these incentives, taxpayers must invest in a “qualified opportunity fund,” which means an qualified opportunity fund investments is a vehicle organized as a corporation or a partnership that invests in a business in a low-income area that has been specifically designated as a “qualified opportunity zone.”

This means that new investors will be seeking investments that will qualify for these benefits. A surge of new investor interest is expected to occur over the next few years. Real estate developers should act quickly to determine if one or more of their real estate developments will qualify for investment from Opportunity Funds, and if so, us today about the steps necessary to bring this new source of capital into their development projects.


Get started now and find out if your project or real estate development qualifies as an Opportunity Zone and get the funding you need.

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